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Uber Wants its Beacon to Guide Passengers to Their Rides

Uber is making it easy to spot a ride with a hardware accessory called Beacon, a light fixture drivers can add in their car to signal passengers. Beacon is a Bluetooth-enabled circular LED display that’s shaped like the Uber logo. Drivers are meant to place it on the inside of their windshields, …

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Uber Accused of Security Vulnerabilities and Abuses

Folks who are wary of Uber because of its surveillance practices might have reason to be that way, since the company’s former forensic investigator alleged in a lawsuit that Uber uses its tracking system to keep tabs on “high-profile politicians, celebrities, and even personal acquaintances,” reports the Center for Investigative Reporting. Uber stirred up some controversy with …

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One of Uber's self-driving cars just ran a red light

We understand that driverless car engineers want their vehicles to navigate roads as naturally as humans, but running the occasional red light is surely taking things a little far. Just hours after Uber’s self-driving cars hit the streets of San Francisco for the very first time, one of them was spotted apparently …

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Helthee Wants to be the Uber for Fitness

Looking for a good personal trainer can be tough. Without even getting into costs, scheduling can be a bit of a nightmare. This is where Helthee comes into play. To put it simply, Helthee is like the Uber of exercising. The app is there to give you an on-demand personal …

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Uber Establishes Uber AI Labs

Uber drivers, look out. Your employer may be looking toward a driverless future. On Monday, the San Francisco-based transportation giant revealed that it had acquired artificial intelligence research startup Geometric Intelligence, a New York-based company seeking to “[redefine] the boundaries of machine learning.” The 15 employees of the startup will comprise …

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Uber Can Now Track Rider Locations Before and After Trips

According to Uber, the ridehailing company is trying to improve customer experience with its new location feature, but some riders may not appreciate being surveilled. In May Uber announced it would add rider location tracking and now the service can track riders before and after rides, according to Ars Technica. With …

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