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The Next Version of Google Glass Could Use AA Batteries

Could the next version of Google Glass use … AA batteries? Unlikely, but it’s entirely possible, especially if Google’s latest patent for Glass is anything to go by. The company filed for a patent that sees a number of pretty major changes to the design of Google Glass, not only …

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Snap A Comic Version Of Yourself With Bitmoji In Snapchat

Snapchat isn’t slowing down with the new features. Reports surfaced back in March that the company had shelled out a cool $100 million for Bitstrips, the personalized comic strip service, and it was largely expected that Snapchat would eventually incorporate Bitstrips into the Snapchat app. Well folks, that day has …

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Hangouts for Android Version 11 Removes Threaded SMS

Typically, big software updates add features. You expect the shiny new version of an app to contain enhancements and all manner of miscellaneous bug fixes — but that’s not always the case, as users of Google’s Hangouts messaging app recently discovered. The app’s newest release on Android, Version 11, removes the ability to see text (SMS) messages …

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Film Version of Fruit Ninja Mobile Game in the Works

It appears that Hollywood has discovered a new reservoir in its tireless quest for adaptation-worthy source material: mobile games. With Angry Birds launching itself to the top spot at the domestic box office over the weekend, it didn’t take long until we heard about another game-turned-movie. According to THR, a gory slasher …

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