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SHFT IQ is a Virtual Running Coach Using Intel and AI

Why it matters to you Looking for a way to run faster and longer? SHFT IQ, a new virtual reality coach, may be able to help. Being a better runner starts from the ground up, literally, with your shoe choice being of paramount importance. But now, there’s another device that goes …

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Virtual SIM Makes it Easier for Blade V8 Owners to Roam Internationally

Why it matters to you For smartphone users, roaming internationally is a challenge, but KnowRoaming’s virtual SIM technology makes it easier. If you’re an international traveler, you know that finding a cheap, reliable mobile network can be a challenge. First, there’s the matter of finding a plan that won’t nickel-and-dime …

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UN Using Virtual Reality to Build Empathy, Catalyze Change

Technology is hoping to turn empathy into action. Or at least, the United Nations is hoping to do so. The intergovernmental organization is more than seven decades old at this point, but it’s constantly finding new ways to better the world’s citizenry. And the latest tool in its arsenal? Virtual reality. Last …

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